Lots of people face problems with the intake of oral medication.
Now there is Gloup to help them.
Gloup is available in different versions, so there’s always a product that fits your needs.
Did you know that.….
- 40% of the population has a problem with swallowing pills?
- Gloup is the first medical device that helps you to make it easier.
- There are different versions of Gloup available.
- With Gloup you can swallow both whole and crushed medication.
- It can be potentially dangerous to take medication with food like yoghurt/fruit puree/fruit juice or
- Gloup is a safe alternative for the intake of medication instead of water.
- Not every pill can be crushed safe. Always check with your pharmacist first.
- Gloup can be helpful at any age (from age of 2)
- There is a Gloup version available for people with dysphagia.
- Do you have problems swallowing your medication? Talk to your pharmacist.
- Do you have dysphagia? Talk to your speech therapist about Gloup.