Because of metastasized cancer I had to start taking oral medication, which could damage the mucosa of the mouth, which can be really painful, especially when it will become inflamed. From one of my family members, I got Gloup, and she told me to try and take my medicine with it.
Gloup is a gel, I put the tablet on a spoon and put Gloup on top. A good 'swallow' and the tablet is gone, without it touching the inside of my mouth. That felt really good.
My mucosa did get a little sensitive because of the medication, but no inflammation or damage has occurred in my mouth.
By the way; Gloup to me looks ideal for patients who have difficulties with swallowing their medication too. Because of the substance of the gel, swallowing it is really easy.
I have passed the tip to use Gloup for this on to other people!
Mirjam, Netherlands
"We previously used yoghurt to assist our residents swallow their medications. Our Dietitian identified this as an infection control risk because the yoghurt was reaching room temperature before being refrigerated at the end of each medication round. Our Pharmacist and Dietitian suggested we try Gloup medication lubricant as it can safely be stored at room temperature. In addition, the residents love it and find their medications much easier to swallow."
Facility Manager - Perth, Western Australia
"We run a 150 bed aged care facility. Approximately half of our residents were crushing their medications to assist with administration. Our pharmacist suggested we try Gloup medication lubricant to reduce the incidence of crushing. After a few weeks, we now only have about 6 residents who still require their medications crushed."
Clinical Nurse manager - Melbourne, Australia