Rushwood B.V.

Our mission:
Rushwood’s mission is to offer high quality products to patients and caregivers worldwide that contribute to health, safety and comfort of both patient and caregiver. Both high quality of the product as well as education on specific endpoints is focus for Rushwood.
Our vision:
Through education and by producing high quality products and services Rushwood offers a sizable contribution to the safety and comfort of both patient and caregiver. By sharing knowledge and information in these areas both patient and caregiver can make well- considered choices on which medical devices can help them improve healthcare safety in an easy way.
Rushwood B.V. was created in 2013, bringing a new and intuitive medical device Class 1 to the global market: Gloup Medication Lubricant.
This novel product helps people all over the world safe and easy correct swallowing of their medication.
Training and education people of safe intake of medication is key focus within Rushwood. Getting people to know all the do’s and dont’s on medication intake and the different techniques people are using on a daily basis, and what those actions are doing to the medication dosage is key to providing people with a safe way of medication administration, both health professionals as well as end- consumers.
Distributing our product all over the world, and making it available to people with medication swallowing problems worldwide is what Rushwood is aiming at.
We already sell in lots of counries:
If we are not presented in a certain country, Rushwood is always on the lookout for a good partner locally with the right network. We work on an exclusive basis with almost all countries, and therefore need loyal partnerships.
We are always on the lookout for partnerships that last for years.